iTalenta is the leading provider of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in the Cloud Computing era. Traditionally, choosing a laboratory informatics solution has long-term implications and is an important decision for any organization. Quick LIMS, or qLIMS, is the flagship software product of iTalenta. qLIMS has the cloud computing idea in its inital design and still be the core concept of future design. It has been proven in a wide range of industries over a period of more than 10 years. Our sole focus is laboratory informatics and we develop, market, and support a single well planned suite of products. At the forefront of our Cloud Laboratory Platform (CLP) are our flagship products, iTalenta qLIMS (quick Laboratory Information Management System) and iTalenta qELN (quick Electronic Laboratory Notebook).

iTalenta has never pursued an acquisition based growth strategy, and so our solutions have evolved according to a deliberate roadmap. iTalenta is a privately owned, stable, and financially strong company with an extensive global product delivery and support infrastructure. Our global team includes the most experienced laboratory informatics professionals in the world. The worldwide headquarters for iTalenta is in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., and all research and development activities take place at this location. iTalenta has invested in establishing sales and support facilities around the world to provide the best possible support to our customers in over 90 countries. iTalenta employees have an average of 10+ years of industry experience, and many with more than 15+ years. The total base of experience across our company exceeds 2200 man years. We bring together the talents of chemists and biologists with those of engineers and software experts to develop products focused keenly on the needs of laboratory users. Whereas other suppliers struggle to keep up with the burdens imposed by multiple overlapping and redundant applications, iTalenta provides software solutions for all types of labs in an easily configured common platform.

qLIMS, or quick Laboratory Information Management System, is the flagship product of iTalenta. In its birth day, the cloud computing based idea is in the core design. qLIMS enables the customer to implement the most advanced information management system in its laboratory within one hour without purchasing any hardware. Everything is in the cloud. qLIMS provides the most reliable, security services to the labs in the world.   |  read more

qELN, or quick Electronic Laboratory Notebook serves to complete the Cloud Laboratory Platform software product suite together with qLIMS. qELN is an experiment and workflow driven software application designed to give laboratory scientists the ultimate platform to electronically document their experiments including relevant scientific content and observations, instrument results, and attachments such as spectra, chromatograms and, if appropriate, chemical structures. Method Execution capability is also provided for QA/QC applications, providing comprehensive LES functionality.  |  read more