Production Training Service

All successful iTalenta implementation projects begin with training for the Customer’s team members who will be configuring iTalenta LIMS / ELN to meet their business needs and requirements.

For a Customer, there are principally three groups of users in their LIMS / ELN community. The iTalenta training program is designed to provide each of these groups with the skills they need to perform their responsibilities effectively. Below are the three groups that typically make up the LIMS / ELN community for a Customer:

iTalenta Basic Training Packpage

The basic training program applies to all LIMS and ELN projects. It consists of a classroom-style training courses at the iTalenta University or at the customer’s site, followed by mentoring and knowledge transfer.

iTalenta Advanced Training Packpage

A number of advanced training courses are offered by the iTalenta University. These courses provide in-depth training in individual areas of iTalenta LIMS. Whereas the basic program focuses on wide coverage of many topics, the advanced program focuses on deep coverage of individual topics. Advanced courses are usually attended only by those individuals who will be responsible for maintaining the LIMS after production startup.

Advanced courses are offered at iTalenta University. These courses can also be offered at a Customer’s site. Below is a listing of popular advanced training classes offered through iTalenta University.

iTalenta End User Training Packpage

Knowledgeable, satisfied users are the cornerstone of a successful project. Every Customer has specific needs and requirements that their LIMS or ELN systems must meet. Therefore no two Customers have exactly the same configuration. With this said, iTalenta does not offer public end user training, however iTalenta is able to assist our Customers in building training specific for their configuration and users.

iTalenta’s involvement in end user training is based on the needs of the Customer. iTalenta can be involved from simply assisting in establishing what will be needed by the Customer to provide end user training through creation and delivery. The Customer will be able to determine the level of iTalenta’s involvement in their end user training.