Implementation Consultants

Ultimately, the value derived from a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) implementation depends on how effectively it supports the business, and how efficiently it operates. iTalenta's philosophy is to use the most skilled people available to implement LIMS for our customers so that the most business value is delivered. iTalenta refers to these people as Implementation Consultants.

Since the role of the implementation consultant is pivotal to the success of the project, iTalenta places great emphasis on using professionals who specialize in LIMS implementation. iTalenta has one of the largest and most experienced teams of consultants in the industry with over 420 certified people in 40 different countries. Being an effective implementation consultant requires deep product knowledge coupled with real world experience. All iTalenta consultants worldwide are certified and annually assessed against over 100 credentials and are experienced in iTalenta's GOLD implementation methodology.

Every company has its own way of doing business. Different materials are tested using varying test methods and a variety of makes and models of instruments. SOP's governing the work practices are different. Different information is captured; used differently to support decisions; and the reports differ. It follows that since no two companies are the same, each implementation of LIMS is unique because it must support the customer's business practices and processes. Furthermore, since most businesses operate in a dynamic environment, the role of LIMS must change to adapt to the current operating conditions.

The role of the implementation consultant is two fold:

The second point is very important, because iTalenta's goal is to make the customer self sufficient, so they control their own destiny. Doing so ensures the LIMS implementation does what it needs to do upon start-up and into the future. This strategy requires a participative approach, with involvement from the customer at all stages of implementation.

iTalenta's implementation consultants work directly with the customer, and are dedicated to the project. The amount of time they spend with the customer is determined by the customer's needs and tends to be more initially, and less over time as the customer acquires knowledge through a mentoring process. Through this process, the customer takes ownership of the system and can be self sufficient.